Passion doesn´t go without at least a couple of people who inspire you. These are my inspirations!

My dad

My first and foremost hero is ofcourse my dad, the chef. As a kid he used to take me to work sometimes making me help with the simple jobs like putting butter on sandwiches. At a later age I worked in his restaurant, experiencing the daily life of working in the kitchen and as a waiter. The love for food is captured in our genes. I am looking foreward to many food advantures and cooking together! And to be fair guys, what is better then coming home from work and a beautiful plate of risotto has been prepared for you, by a chef!

Jamie Oliver

jamie-oliverAs a kid, together with my dad, we used to watch The Naked Chef, when Jamie was still relatively unknown. Throughout the years the collection of his cooking books grew and we watched season after season. What I love about Jamie Oliver is his enthusiasm and devotion to simple, affordable and fresh food. He embraced the trend of growing his own food and is fighting the unhealthy food system. Throughout posts you will probably hear much more about him.


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