Love for food

Like every journey starts with a first step, every blog begins with a first post. I would like to dedicate this first post to my love for food. I think everyone with a passion for food and cooking can remember when it started. For some of you it may have been from childhood on, many however discover it later. For me it was during my years as a student living in Tilburg. Yes, having a chef as a father cooking and the love for food is probably in the genes, but it is fair to say that when I was younger I was rather picky when it comes to eating. Throughout the years I watched numerous shows on TV and online, most notably Jamie Oliver and MasterChef. I started working in a hotel/restaurant called Chateau de Raay, doing dishes and was slowly introduced to kitchen jobs. I remember cleaning boxes of spinach, cutting kilo´s of onions but also helping preparing the dishes. It was a good time and a great experience, which encouraged me to cook more and more myself. I found my passion and I can say that cooking is one of those soulful moments of the day.

After finishing my studies in The Netherlands I decided to move to great city of Barcelona, for another year of studying. Working in a hostel during the weekends I often get asked by guests to recommend restaurants , which gave me the idea to write a blog. On this blog I will share my opinion in tips, news and restaurant reviews on food and cooking, especially on Barcelona. I hope I can inspire you with the restaurants and food I like, the way other people inspire me.

Will be back soon with my first restaurant review, in the mean time I would love to hear your stories about finding the passion for food!


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